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CLAMP Gakuen Tanteidan - ED

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Final ED2 cel
Source: TV
Layers: 3
Sketches: 4
Cel Number: A1END
Oversize, 18W x 15H
Ending Cel

Key Cel
End Cel
Original Matching Background

Added 11/25/2002
Updated 8/10/2007
Oh. Wow. I nearly had a coronary when I first saw this cel in Nick's preview thread, another when the update happened, and a third when a series of emotional events landed it in my hands. I don't think I slept at all that night, and it was worth it. This is definitely one of the singlemost beautiful cels in my collection, and it will never leave my hands.

This one may be due for a rescan soon, as the layers with the boys are slightly misaligned with the background. But, must get the rest of the images up first!!

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Curator: fankanji
Gallery Created: 7/12/2002

Presentation 8.21/10   Collection 8.55/10   Overall 8.51/10   Votes 17 votes
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