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Added 10/9/2006
Updated 10/10/2006
Like so many of my cels, this one has a story. A wonderful story. It was no secret among my cel friends that CLAMP Gakuen Tanteidan is /my/ series. I may have long-term torrid affairs with other ones, but at the end of the day, that's the show I go home with. It also was no secret that one of the cels I would kill to own was the OP pan cel of the three boys in their white detective coats.

As luck so often has it, the cel came up on ebay. I hyperventilated, I panicked, I stalked it constantly, and I bid like a madwoman...only to lose to someone else.

I railed and I cried and I was bitter-bitter, because there was no way this person who bought my cel could have as much love and passion for the series. I think I remember checking his/her gallery and being just incensed that this was the only CCD cel! And thus I went on a spiral of woe and indignation as only a thwarted cel collector can have.

Not too long after that, the postman (I think this was still the good one and not the assclown postman we later had) brought me a cel-shaped package. I wasn't expecting anything at the time, but I saw the return address and was instantly cheered. Had no idea what it was, but it was from Keeper and thus I was happy. Trotted the precious upstairs to be opened and....

To say I was shocked, stunned, overwhelmed...these are all such teeny, miniscule words for how I felt. For this was MY cel, made 100% for ME, of MY boys.

I cried. Buckets. Because only another collector, one who knows that feeling of being thwarted in pursuing the perfect cel, could have understood, and in that understanding and friendship and love, secretly painted an outstanding replica for me.

The ending cels I've obtained take my breath away. But this piece is so personal and so beautiful and so very, very loved...I think it may be my favorite. Every cel is an individual and wholly unique work of art, where even in the same sequence no two are 100% identical, but this cel was an individual and wholly unique work of art made only for me.

If the actual OP cel came available now and I had opportunity to buy it, I don't know if I would. This one means more to me, and I will never be able to say thank you enough for it.

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