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Yamazaki and Chiharu
Source: TV
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Added 10/7/2006
Updated 10/26/2006
So how often do you find a cel that is not only exactly what you are looking for but perfectly in character for the two people in it? Yamazaki is easily one of my favorite characters in CCS, because he's so adorable in his exaggerated storytelling. And even after every time Chiharu denounces what he says as a lie, Syaoran and Sakura STILL believe his stories as he tells them.

Plus, I am a total sucker for the Yamazaki and Chiharu relationship. They are going to grow old together, because even in the fourth grade each already has the other figured out. It's love.

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Curator: fankanji
Gallery Created: 7/12/2002

Presentation 8.21/10   Collection 8.55/10   Overall 8.51/10   Votes 17 votes
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